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Last Saturday I had an interesting birthday party at Huong's, my classmate. She invited all members of my class 10A including our head teacher, Mr. Khoa, an attracted man ^^. The party was held at 8 PM. I came just in time with a teddy bear as present for Huong. She received it with special thanks and enjoyment. The others also gave her pretty gifts. At the beginning of the party, we were served cakes, candy and soft drink, then we sang and danced...

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Yesterday, i was invited to my best friend's birthday party, Yen. I went to the party with some other friends at her home and i brought a big gift to give for her.
There were a lot of her friends there, but i wasn't acquainted with most of them, so she introduced them for me, then we talked about school, study, (and then) played game together and made more fun..
We celebrated Yen's birthday, I drank a bit orange juice, everyone enjoyed the birthday cake, food and drinks... All of them were very delicious.
The atmosphere was very interesting. The party finished at 10 pm, i stayed to the end of the party to open gift with my friend. I think this was a interesting and cozy party.
Hoặc cách mở đầu thứ hai: "I have been to many parties but the most memorable one was/would be ..." :tb:


Today, I am 16 years old, so I hold a birthday party at my house. The party began at 7h p.m and finished at 9h30 p.m on October 15th. I invited a lot of close friends ad intimate friends take part in the party. There is a two layer birthday cake with fifteen candles on the table. After people sang “Happy Birthday” song, I blew out the candles and cut the cake. Everybody ate cake, went to KTV and played mini games together. Finally, my friends returned their home, although they all tired, they felt so happy. Regarding me, I cleaned and washed up the party, then I went to sleep.

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